Hello world!

From this point on, we’re going to pretend that my brain is a loop. Or rather, we’re going to refer to it as a loop. Welcome to my loop! There are tons of explanations for why I would refer to my brain as a loop but the simplest one to offer is that things get thrown into loops (i.e. my thoughts), things are left out of the loop (i.e. thoughts I should have but don’t, which often gets me into trouble), and things go round and round in loops (whether I want them to be there or not). In my loop, you’ll hear about my D.C. endeavors, things I think are great, things I really hate, things that the general public agrees should stop, stories from the past and present, and some random daily happenings. It’s a place of many things, but it’s my loop and I’m stuck with it I like it. Come join me in my lovelee loop!


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