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A really “Really?” moment

GWU’s campus newspaper, The Hatchett, recently reported that sorority recruitment and acceptance numbers were record high this fall semester. And let’s be really clear and honest – we can tell. If the hoards of girls in itty-bitty dresses and sky-high heels traipsing around campus and hopping cabs to clubs didn’t give it away, then maybe the constant flow of “Ohmigod, WHAT frat is he in? Oh no, Pi Kap? No, I can’t believe you hooked up with him. You’re a DG, girl, you can’t just do that!” did.

More often than not, I try my absolute hardest to ignore these happenings and pretend that they’re robots that are just there to fill up space (they kind of are?) but my roommate recently had an encounter that demonstrates the need for some of the sorority girls to stop worrying about what they’re wearing, what frat that boy was in, and what their hair looks like long enough to think about what it’s like to be a real person. First things first, you’re not a real person when you let other people tell you exactly what to wear everyday. When Roomie was on her way up to the 6th floor of our building, she happened upon three sorority sisters – all wearing their quite spirited, usually pastel colored representative garb – in the elevator. The sisters proceeded to take the elevator to the second floor. The second. And as a side-note, the flights of stairs in our building aren’t even full flights, they’re more like half flights. SO. On their way out of the elevator, Roomie attempts to make a valid point by saying to the girls that they should probably just take the stairs and let the people on the higher floors get where they’re going a little faster. By the time the girls probably waited for the elevator to come get them and tote them up to the SECOND floor, they could’ve already kicked off their Coach shoes and sat down for some yummy salads. The girls then reply that they “live here and can take the elevator to whatever floor they want.” The doors close, and Roomie arrives on the sixth floor only to find that the girls followed her to the floor to throw in a few more very well thought out comments such as “Ooh, look at us taking the elevator.” Roomie walks away. Goes about her business like a normal person.

As Roomie makes her way back into the building later that night, the sorority girls are in the lobby. *The following statement actually occurred* One of the girls literally attempted to trip Roomie. Trip. We’re talking about 19 and 20 year olds here, people. It happened. The girls threw out a couple more heinous comments and proceeded to congratulate each other on being really fantastically clever people.

The moral of the story is – these people exist in the world. They are out there, and they are just waiting to run into you one day, do something ridiculously stupid, and piss you off. I don’t know about anyone else, but I probably would’ve physically fought that girl if she tried to trip me. These people are serious. They actually believe it’s O.K. to live like that, act like that, and be considered good people. It’s not.

I guess that’s what happens when you choose to attend university where tuition is #3 or so in the country and over 1,300 girls are in sororities. Looking forward to the next three years here.


Hello world!

From this point on, we’re going to pretend that my brain is a loop. Or rather, we’re going to refer to it as a loop. Welcome to my loop! There are tons of explanations for why I would refer to my brain as a loop but the simplest one to offer is that things get thrown into loops (i.e. my thoughts), things are left out of the loop (i.e. thoughts I should have but don’t, which often gets me into trouble), and things go round and round in loops (whether I want them to be there or not). In my loop, you’ll hear about my D.C. endeavors, things I think are great, things I really hate, things that the general public agrees should stop, stories from the past and present, and some random daily happenings. It’s a place of many things, but it’s my loop and I’m stuck with it I like it. Come join me in my lovelee loop!